CAD Platform For Windows, Mac Or Linux

Trust an industry leader to create an OEM solution to meet your specific needs

Create your own CAD solution
using advanced technology from Graebert

Build your own CAD solutions combining your specific features with the ready-to-use DWG-editing features of ARES Commander. The final result will be a solution you can sell under your brand and created after your own specifications.

Millions of professionals are using CAD software based on ARES Commander:
Developers will find a powerful API with support for various programming languages including C++, Tx, lisp, VSTA, DCL, Visual Studio, COM, Active X.

Two plans to chose from to build your CAD solution:




A robust and cost-effective 2D CAD engine with native DWG support.

Based on ARES Standard, a light version of ARES Commander, as is

+ your own features to build your vertical application

Fully customizable 2D/3D CAD engine with native DWG support.

Based on ARES Commander

Possibility to add/remove/hide features as needed

Third-party options available for 3D Solid Modeling, Constraints solver, PDF Import and more


Possibility to customize ribbon and menu

Help of ARES Standard included + you can add your own help files in the menu

Fully customizable UI

Show / Hide / Add / Remove or embed our technology as needed.

Your custom help files, rebranded as you wish.


Your product name, your splash screen and launch icon

Splash screen and About box show your application is “Powered by ARES”

Your branding as you wish.

Only reference to Graebert is in the copyrights of the About box.


One setup combining ARES Standard + your add-on and customization in one install.

One fully-integrated setup of your ARES OEM like if it was only one product.


We deliver permission keys that require activation on the Graebert customer portal

Perpetual or Flex (network) licenses – Windows 64-bits only

Possibility to use the Graebert licensing or your own licensing.

Any type of license: Subscriptions, Perpetual, Network…

Windows 64bit, macOS and/or Linux


You decide when you want to release a new version. You are free to skip versions and pay for each setup we build.

You decide when you want to release a new version. You are free to skip versions and pay a yearly maintenance.

Developer maintenance

$1000 for the first setup and $500 for each setup after

$2500 per product and OS supported


No volume commitments

Fixed cost of $250/seat for Perpetual or $300 for Flex (network)

Upgrades for 50% of these costs

Minimum 100 seats per year

Price upon request depending on volumes and features

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