CAD Software: Re-boost Your Business With Cloud

During the lockdown restrictions Graebert helped hundreds of organizations by making its Cloud-based CAD Solution available for free.

Now, it’s time to rebuild… Let’s shape the future of CAD together!


Join the ARES Kudo focus group

While some businesses are reopening, many activities will keep struggling for many months to come. Graebert made the decision to extend the free access to ARES Kudo until the end of June 2020 for all users.

Additionally, any user that will have tried ARES Kudo in the first-half of 2020 will be offered a free license valid until the end of December 2020 only on the condition to join Graebert’s focus group. The purpose of this focus group will be to share feedback on the user’s ARES CAD Software usage and this way they can contribute to the improvement of ARES Kudo.

ARES Kudo by Graebert

How to join the ARES Kudo Focus Group?

Just sign-up to ARES Kudo for free (or log-in if you’ve already created an account before) and open at least one drawing with ARES Kudo. You will later receive an invitation before the end of June. In the meantime, you can keep enjoying ARES Kudo for free.


How Online CAD solutions can re-boost your business?

ARES Kudo is the first online CAD solution offering a full set of features to create and modify DWG drawings directly in your Internet browser.

ARES Kudo is compatible with most of the popular Cloud Storage providers that you probably already use such as Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive and others. It makes it easy to work from any computer, anywhere. Besides, the main interest of the Cloud is to significantly improve collaboration.


Not ready yet for a full Cloud CAD solution?

Graebert’s unique Trinity approach is to offer choice:

  • ARES Kudo can be used alone for a full-cloud based experience. This would for example suit well the users that are frequently working out of the office
  • Alternatively the ARES Trinity of CAD Software offers a triple-play license with ARES Commander (Graebert’s alternative to AutoCAD), ARES Touch (for Android and iOS) and ARES Kudo combined

The agility of the Cloud combined with the comfort of traditional CAD software

ARES Commander is leveraging Cloud and Mobile technologies to improve collaboration


Graebert’s CAD technology represents the second largest installed base after AutoCAD only. Millions of professionals are working with CAD software powered by ARES.

All the ARES CAD software work natively in the DWG format. ARES Commander offers an easy switch to fully replace AutoCAD for only a fraction of the price. But the key difference with AutoCAD is in the ability to offer to the ARES Commander users the ability to enjoy all the productivity gains offered by the Cloud without compromising on the features and comfort that CAD users are used to.

Watch this video to discover how ARES Commander is leveraging Cloud and Mobile technologies to improve your CAD workflows

ARES Commander is leveraging Cloud and Mobile technologies to improve your CAD workflows

With ARES Commander you can offer to your CAD users a very smooth digital transformation with a fully installed CAD software, a similar look-and feel, local files but also cloud-enabled collaboration.

Try it by yourself with our free 30-day trial: