New features in ARES® Kudo

Modern DWG Editing in a Browser

As we have released the ARES Kudo version 1.117, we take the opportunity to highlight some of the new features we have released in ARES Kudo over the last months.

+ Share only a part of your drawing

ARES Kudo now supports clipping references. You can display only a part of a Reference (a referenced drawing file) or a Block. The entity is clipped at a boundary you create or specify. You can create one clipping boundary per Reference or Block.

+ Check spelling errors

ARES Kudo now offers spell checking for text in drawings. This helps users avoid spelling mistakes while creating notes on the drawing.

+ Record your voice to leave comments

A voice recording functionality is now available under markup. The user’s voice is recorded and transcripted as a markup. Users can delete and resolve the voice markup at any time.

+ Enhancements of permission dialog

ARES Kudo has introduced enhancements of permission dialog. This functionality is really user friendly. A user can now define an expiry date for the view-only link. There are various options available to set an expiry date for the view-only link like:

  • Never – the link never expires
  • 30 days – the link expires 30 days after the current date.
  • Set a different expiration date – the link expires on the date that you specify here

+ Set password protection for the view-only link

A user can also now set password protection for the view-only link. Users can share the drawing as password protected. Only the users who have the password can open it.

+ New export formats for drawings shared as view-only links

In previous versions it was already possible to allow or disallow export to PDF for drawings shared as view-only links. As owner of the file you can keep this way full control if your contacts can download your drawings as a PDF or only view it online. Now this feature is extended with more file formats for the export feature.

ARES Kudo now supports ExportPNG command. Use the ExportPNG command to save the current view to a PNG file (Portable Network Graphics, a bitmapped image format). Use the ExportSLD command to save the current view of the drawing to a slide file (.sld).

+ View drawings in RollView Commands Vertically and Horizontally

Use RollView commands to view your model interactively in 3D with the camera moving and the model stationary. You cannot edit the drawing when the software is in RollView mode because the RollView commands are active.  Use the RollViewVertical command to tilt the view of your model vertically about an imaginary horizontal axis. Use the RollViewHorizontal command to swivel the view of your model horizontally about an imaginary vertical axis

+ View when your drawing was last saved and by whom

You can now view the time and date of the last saved drawing with user information.

+ Font unavailability notification

ARES Kudo displays a message when certain fonts are not available and replaced by the fonts available in ARES Kudo. See an example of notification below:

+ ARES Kudo available in multiple languages

ARES Kudo is available in English, Japanese, Polish, German and Korean

New features introduced in previous releases

+ Collaboration with comments and markups across Desktop, Mobile & Cloud

Write and edit comments visible to users of all ARES platforms. The ARES Commenting Palette can be used to see, create, and reply to comments from multiple users with editing rights on the drawing, no matter what version of ARES they are using. This means users of ARES Commander (Windows, macOS, and Linux computers) and ARES Touch (Android and iOS devices) can interact with comments made by a user on ARES Kudo who has editing rights.

+ Commenting on view-only links

Collect feedback from external users. Sharing a link from ARES is the modern way to share drawings with anyone outside your work group. The link opens up an instance of Kudo; the drawing is view-only. Viewers may now add comments to these shared drawings if they create a free Graebert account. The drawing is automatically updated after each new comment. Users who receive a view only link can see only their own comments and replies from the person who shared the drawing; internal comments left by others collaborating on the drawing are not visible. View-only links to external users may be disabled at any time.

+ Allow view-only drawings to export to PDF

Control if external viewers can share a drawing. Sharing drawings with view-only links is preferable to sharing a drawing file using email or USB stick. The drawing is always the latest version, and cannot be shared further unless a person is granted editing rights. There may be times when you want to allow an external user to export the drawing as a PDF. By default allowing an external user to export to PDF is disabled.

+ Use corporate Single Sign-On (SSO)

Easier administration when a pool of users need ARES accounts (Enterprise customers only).By default, ARES Kudo users need a Graebert Account to log in. Enterprise accounts using Kudo have the option of using ARES for Enterprise, which allows the use of third-party authentication providers. This avoids having to manage a separate Graebert account for each user. For example, SSO allows the use of Microsoft Active Directory Federation Services. The IT administrators can deploy ARES Kudo to one or more pool of users who would simply log in with their Microsoft Account. When using SSO, ARES for Enterprise ensures customers only pay for active users.

+ Quick access to recently open files

ARES Kudo Hub designed for fast file exploration and retrieval. The ARES Kudo Hub connects to a user’s cloud storage services. Files iCloud storage can be browsed as required. The Hub’s Search command will explore all connected file services at once. Kudo Hub also offers quick access to file settings, to see and edit permissions or rename files. Updates to the Hub provide faster access to recently used files.

+ Quick Access to Settings and Templates options

Faster access to commonly used settings and templates. The OPTIONS command brings up the most commonly used parameters, which users may adjust as needed. Users can also upload template files to use within ARES Kudo.

+ Free version of ARES Kudo

Continue to use Kudo as a viewer. When a license or free trial expires, ARES Kudo keeps working as a free online viewer. Kudo will continue to connect to cloud storage services, allowing view-only access to DWG files online from any Internet Browser. Editing features are disabled; any view-only links previously created are temporarily disabled until a new license is acquired.

+ Kudo integration with Trimble Connect

Use files in Trimble Connect without moving them to another storage service. Trimble Connect is a popular file-sharing hub for the users of Trimble products, and is frequently used for DWG drawings. ARES Kudo connects to Trimble Connect accounts, allowing viewing and editing of DWG or DXF files. The files stay in Trimble Connect and are always up-to-date without any need to download/upload or create new versions.

+ Integration with WebDAV

Allows access to private servers. WebDAV is an open standard protocol for customizing web-based applications. ARES Kudo offers the use of WebDAV to create access to private cloud storage services. If your company does not use public cloud storage services such as Google Drive, Box, or Dropbox, you may use WebDAV to connect ARES Kudo with a private server.

+ ARES Kudo for Onshape

Deep integration with the popular online 3D CAD service.ARES Kudo offers integration with Onshape, a popular online 3D CAD software product. The integration allows Kudo users to browse, view, and modify DWG and DXF files stored in Onshape documents. The integration goes deeper, with the ability to view and edit files without leaving the Onshape environment and therefore without logging in to ARES Kudo. While browsing documents inside Onshape, ARES Kudo will be the default viewer to view any DWG or DXF file. Additionally, Onshape users may buy ARES Kudo from the Onshape Appstore, gaining access to the editing features of ARES Kudo inside the Onshape environment.

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