Save The Date: Graebert Annual Meeting 2019

The official image of the Graebert Annual Meeting 2019

#Graebert19 is coming…

The Graebert Annual Meeting 2019 will take place in Berlin on November 20 & 21. With keynotes on November 20 and private meetings on November 21 at the Graebert headquarters.

Each year, Graebert invites partners, CAD enthusiasts, and tech journalists from all over the world to showcase Graebert’s up-coming innovations and new features.

Following tradition, Graebert will welcome its guests this year with one more captivating venue.  Although the event is in late November, we hope this early announcement gives our guests time to plan ahead. Details of the venue will be revealed soon. Stay tuned!

Until then, let us look back at the spirit of the Graebert Annual Meeting by watching a video from #Graebert18:

A quick recap of the Graebert Annual Meeting 2018

Last year’s Graebert Annual Meeting took place at the Humboldt-Box Sky lounge, a futurist temporary exhibition space standing next to the Berlin City Palace. At the Humboldt-Box, attendees enjoyed an impressive view of the Berlin Cathedral.

The key announcements made last year included new licensing options coming for ARES Kudo and ARES Touch, launching of ARES for enterprise as well as the new FxARX API and many new features in ARES Commander, Graebert”s flagship CAD Software.

Here are few quotes from articles released after key announcements of #Graebert18

‘The Graebert solution is:
■ Both desktop CAD and mobile/browser CAD
■ Both view-only and editing on all platforms
■ Both permanent licensing and subscriptions
■ Both locations for files, local and cloud One license for all products.’

WorldCAD Access, Ralph Grabowski

‘The key is CAD software designed for occasional use running on mobile devices or accessible from the cloud. “We find there are three to five mobile users ready [for CAD] for every existing desktop user,” says Desbordes. “There are perhaps 10 million users of DWG worldwide. We believe the market can grow five to ten times larger.’

Digital Engineering, Randall Newton

‘The day impressively showed several things: how elegant and irresistible the combination of cloud, mobile and desktop software is, if, as in the Trinity system, the components are neatly coordinated and not one as a substitute for the other, but as a supplement.’

Engineering Spot, Ralf Steck

To read more about #Graebert18, hop over to the recap article for #Graebert18.

Don’t forget! The up-coming Graebert Annual Meeting will be held in Berlin on November 20 and 21, 2019. Remember to follow #Graebert19 on twitter for more updates.