ARES® Map™ as a hybrid solution is bringing together the intelligence of GIS contents and a full-featured DWG-based CAD system. Maps and floorplans created with ARES Map are saved natively in DWG but can also contain smart GIS-enabled information associated to the entities.

For GIS users

For users of Esri® ArcGIS Online, ARES Map is the perfect companion to collect and convert CAD data to GIS but also modify information from CAD drawings.

For CAD users

ARES Map is combining all the drafting tools to create and modify DWG drawings with ready-to-use maps and georeferenced information.

The Perfect CAD Solution for GIS Users

ARES Map is the ideal CAD solution for organizations using ArcGIS Online/ Whether you need to update your GIS systems on actual CAD data or want to import CAD data into your GIS systems: ARES Map offers you a productivity driven environment specifically tailored to your needs.

+ A complete set of 2D design and annotation tools for tablets and smartphones

+ Optimized workflow: Keep files in sync between ARES Touch and ARES Commander

+ Take your drawings for offline use

+ Ability to add Picture Notes and Voice Notes – Annotate any drawing 
 by taking an image or recording audio to share with colleagues at the office

ARES Map not only allows you to directly import and access your GIS data in a full-featured CAD software. Being able to convert CAD into GIS entities and vice versa, it is the perfect fit if you want to keep your CAD and GIS up to date and in sync.

Add GIS Intelligence Into Your CAD Drawings

Enrich your DWG drawings with Professional Maps from Esri, the World leader for GIS Solutions – ARES Map brings you all the tools you need to make your CAD meet the real world.

+ Coordinate systems – choose from hundreds of projected, geometric or vertical ones

+ Work with map services and feature services from Esri servers or your own ArcGIS Online content

+ Display and modify your GIS content directly from within ARES Map

+ Batch import/read shape files – and access and read all the GIS data contained inside ARES Map

ARES Map is the perfect standalone CAD solution, if you want to use GIS data in your DWG drawings. The software is designed in conjunction with Esri and combines ArcGIS with Graebert’s Professional CAD Platform ARES Commander.

Key Features of ARES Map

Map Services

  • Connect to Esri’s map servers and add free base maps to your CAD drawings for any location on Earth: satellite images, street maps, topographic maps and more
  • Add multiple maps and they will be positioned accurately with real-world coordinates
  • Locate: Search any place or address to get the exact maps you want
  • Manage the transparency and draw order of your maps to overlay or fade content
  • Display the legend associated to a map service
  • Map services can be saved and reloaded or exported as raster images in your drawing

Coordinate Systems

  • Add a GIS coordinate system to any DWG drawing from a list of systems
  • Choose from hundreds of projected, geometric or vertical coordinate systems
  • If no coordinate system is assigned, ARES Map will assign automatically a default one based on the first GIS service loaded

Feature Services

  • Add multiple maps and they will be positioned accurately with real-world coordinates
  • Locate: Search any place or address to get the exact maps you want

Attributes & Labels

  • Feature services entities do not contain only geometry but also attributes you can display and edit from ARES Map’s properties panel
  • ARES Map maintains the integrity of your GIS information, attributes can only be modified following the attributes field definition and constraints defined by the GIS administrator: named values, range
  • Labels help you annotate your drawings with text information extracted from the feature services attributes and stay in your drawing
    even when the feature service is not loaded

Convert CAD Information to GIS-enabled Entities

  • Create empty ARES Map templates (DWT format) containing your favorite coordinate system, base maps and feature services
  • Insert one or more DWG drawings and define their position in the real world using for example a base map
  • Move selected entities to feature services and they will be recognized as GIS entities
  • Unique conversion tool to assign all the entities of your CAD drawing to each feature class type and subtype
  • Entities not qualifying for the feature service definition will be automatically rejected
  • ARES Map always preserves the integrity of your GIS project following the schema defined by your feature services

Maximum Interoperability

  • Log in to your ArcGIS Online account to load map and feature services and publish modifications
  • Connect to any feature or map server via ArcGIS for Server
  • Drawings created with ARES Map are saved natively in DWG, you can share them with users of ARES® Commander, AutoCAD® or other DWG-based CAD software
  • By default, the feature services will not be visible in other CAD software to protect your information; but you may decide to use our GIS to CAD feature to convert them into pure DWG entities
  • ARES Map’s hybrid technology will help you create smart GIS-enabled entities that will be recognized by Esri solutions such as ArcGIS® for Desktop and ArcMap®

A Professional CAD/GIS Solution Powered by ARES®
Including All the Drafting Tools You Need

ARES Map is powered by ArcGIS Online from Esri, the world leader for GIS technologies. Its CAD engine is based on ARES Commander, Graebert’s popular DWG-based multi-platform CAD solution, trusted by million of CAD professionals. So with ARES Map you have access to all the inbuilt CAD functionalities and commands of ARES Commander.

+ A full DWG-based CAD software with hundreds of CAD features

+ Familiar user interface for any CAD user

+ Add, modify or delete information using the drafting tools

+ Create or modify any DWG drawing – without the need to use ARES Maps’ GIS features

ARES Map’s subscription includes 1 year of ARES Touch, our mobile version.
Map specific features are not yet supported in ARES Touch. Yet it includes a full set of features to read, share, and markup your project drawings on site using a smartphone or tablet.

ARES Map’s subscription includes 1 year of ARES Kudo, our Cloud version.
Map specific features are not yet supported in ARES Kudo but you can use it to access your drawings online and edit them with many 2D DWG-editing features.
ARES Kudo is also helping you to synchronize your projects across your computers and devices via the Cloud storage palette inside ARES Map.

Developing Vertical Applications on ARES

ARES Map is a good example of the vertical applications that developers can create with the ARES OEM platform. This hybrid solution combines Graebert’s CAD features available in ARES Commander with industry-specific features and a customized user interface. For this hybrid solution we also integrated with Esri’s ArcGIS Online technology to build a hybrid product bridging CAD and GIS.

If your are a development company you can click on the following button to learn more about using ARES as a development platform for your CAD software:

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