TSTS (Railways) | Up to 5000 DWG CAD drawings per Day with Dynamic Blocks using ARES CAD Software

TSTS is an Engineering Company, a subsidiary of Japan-based Kyoson Electric Manufacturing Co. Ltd. TSTS are a market leader in Railway Signalling and Transportation Industry. They provide concepts to commissioning solutions to Railway Industries around the globe. 

How do we meet the challenges?

TSTS on average produces 3,000 to 5,000 drawings every day. This is because, in the railway industry, most of the design deliverables such as wiring circuits, interlocking circuits, are submitted in the form of dwg drawing files and to meet these kinds of challenges, Automation is the main key element to consider as a solution.

What makes TSTS different from others?

Automation sets TSTS apart from other signalling firms. Although several of their biggest rivals provide high-end software, TSTS is the industry leader in design automation.

Why does TSTS use Automation (web-based application)?

Without automation, at least 50 to 100 more employees are required to produce such a large number of designs. Automation also helps TSTS ensure better quality design with on-time delivery to their customers.

Automation refers to a web-based tool that allows users to configure the project and then generates drawings in ARES Commander, which the user can then download and examine from the same webpage. On its servers, TSTS has more than 120 licenses of ARES Commander running on their servers.

Features of Automation

Among other features, TSTS’s web application is leveraging the technology of dynamic blocks. So it was very essential that ARES Commander would fully support this feature. After each drawing is generated, it will be checked in the office TSTS’ online application, among other things, makes use of dynamic block technology. As a result, it was critical that ARES Commander fully implement this capability. Following the generation of each drawing, it will be verified in the office by verifiers before being sent to railway clients for verification. After the plans have been approved, they will be shipped to the site location for wiring.

Switching to ARES increases production

TSTS increased their daily productivity from 2,000 to 5,000 drawings after switching to ARES. It might also be scaled to 50,000 drawings each day by increasing the server capacity.

Graebert Facilities

‘It is very fortunate for us that Graebert has one of its Research and Development centers in India. And we have to mention that their involvement made a huge difference in our project. When it comes to taking up customer requirements and new challenges, Graebert India stands as the best. That is what influenced us to work with the team. In addition to that, it is also a German Technology so we can completely rely upon it. . 

Mr. Sankarasubbu Natarajan, Associate General Manager – Signalling Systems, TVM Signalling and Transportation Systems Private Limited (TSTS)

Graebert expertise with ARES Kudo

TSTS is now employing Graebert’s web-based application ARES Kudo at their workplace. The next stage for them will be to host it on the internet, allowing others to generate artwork from all over the world.

‘Graebert has already solid expertise in the cloud with ARES Kudo… To conclude I would say, we would recommend going with ARES for its new advanced features, simple user interface and customer support. ‘

Mr. Sankarasubbu Natarajan, Associate General Manager – Signalling Systems, TVM Signalling and Transportation Systems Private Limited (TSTS)

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