Why does ALP Group use ARES CAD Software?

ALP Nishikawa is a 200 Million USD group founded in 1985. Their headquarters is in Gurgaon, India and they have a global presence with 11 companies and over 2000 employees. They specialize in EPDM rubber and other polymer-based products. Their flagship products are for the Automotive industry but they also expanded rapidly in other sectors including Building & Construction and Consumer household products. In their R&D centre in Gurgaon, they have created a state of the art Design Center using CATIA and other CAD software such as ARES Commander. Altogether their innovation is fueled by 90 Product Technologists, 350 Engineers and over 65 Senior Manager professionals.

Why does ALP use ARES Commander?

Automotive is an extremely competitive market. They need to adhere to very strict deadlines. As a result, it is critical that they use the appropriate tools at all times. For ALP’s choose ARES Commander for this reason for their design stage.

I would recommend it to any company currently using other CAD software to take a look at ARES Commander. It helped us and I am sure it will help them as well.

Mr. Bharat Kulshrestha, AGM – SAP &  IT, ALP Nishikawa Co. Pvt. Limited

Transition from AutoCAD to ARES Commander

Most of ALP’s users were previously familiar with AutoCAD. The transition to ARES was smooth. Most of them were able to start their work with ARES from day one, as it offers a similar look and feels and familiar keyboard commands.

ARES Commander network licenses

It was also very important for ALP that ARES Commander is available with network licenses. It provides them with the flexibility to share a set number of licenses among multiple users to optimize their costs. In ARES the network license setup is simple and the Graebert Customer Portal provides them with full control of their licenses.

Features of ARES Commander

The time-saving features such as Mouse Gestures, Power Trim or the Smart Dimension tool contribute to making ARES more user friendly. The PDF Import feature is also quite popular among ALP users. They use it to edit their old PDF files. With this command, they are able to convert PDFs into DWG and make quick changes as required.

Advantages of ARES Commander

Interestingly, ARES Commander not only helped ALP to optimize their costs. ALP increased its productivity by 10 to 20% with time-saving features.

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