Onshape speaks about the integration with ARES Kudo

ARES Kudo for Onshape

After collaborating on the Onshape Drawings experience, Onshape and Graebert extend their collaboration with ARES Kudo for Onshape, An Optimal Solution for Onshape Users Dealing with DWG or DXF files

Onshape logoOnshape Inc. (www.onshape.com) is a company founded in 2012 and headquartered in Cambridge, MA, USA. It raised $169M from leading investors to build the next generation of Product Design solutions.

Kim Salmon, Director Marketing at Onshape explains what sets Onshape apart:

“Onshape is a modern, fully cloud-based, 3D CAD system that eliminates design gridlock: the constant waiting, distractions, and hassles that prevent engineers from doing their best work. Onshape unites advanced modeling tools and design data management in a secure cloud workspace that is accessible on any device and never loses data. With no files to lose or corrupt, no license keys to manage, and no installed desktop software, Onshape helps engineering teams get out of the IT business so they can get back in the innovation business.”

Onshape features state-of-the-art 3D parametric modeling features and a unique collaboration framework with simultaneous editing, live collaboration and versioning.

Onshape Drawings

In summer 2015, Onshape released Onshape Drawings as a set of features directly integrated inside Onshape. It became the first Graebert partner releasing a solution based on Graebert’s ARES Kudo technology.

Onshape Drawings
Onshape licensed ARES Kudo technology for Onshape Drawings

Onshape Drawings allow Onshape users to document and annotate 2D views and sections of the 3D parametric models created in Onshape. The Onshape Drawings features are fully integrated into the Onshape environment and 2D views are refreshed after any change to the 3D models.

This collaboration is now extending with the possibility to read and modify DWG files stored in Onshape with ARES Kudo.

Graebert and Onshape extend their collaboration with DWG viewing and editing

Bob Miner, Development Leader R&D at Onshape explains the motivations behind this extended collaboration:

Onshape users can upload to their Onshape Documents a variety of files related to their designs such as PDF files, images and other CAD files.  While our users create Onshape Drawings for their 3D models designed within Onshape, they are also uploading to their Onshape Documents some DWG and DXF files produced by other solutions and/or other people.  As Onshape is fully cloud-based and works well with other CAD files, it makes sense to give our users a solution to read and modify their DWG or DXF files online.

Learn more about ARES Kudo for Onshape on https://kudoforonshape.graebert.com

Just like Onshape, ARES Kudo is fully cloud-based. While Onshape is focusing on Product Design, ARES Kudo is specializing on the DWG file format that is widely used for 2D technical drawings. It can read, create or modify DWG or DXF files directly in an Internet browser and files are synchronized with Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, OneDrive and now Onshape. In the specific case of Onshape, the users enjoy a double benefit:

  • ARES Kudo for Onshape offers a free viewer directly integrated in Onshape’s environment. Nothing to install, when the user clicks in Onshape on a DWG or DXF file, Onshape will call ARES Kudo to read it.
  • The same files can also be edited with ARES Kudo online or with ARES Commander on desktop or with ARES Touch on smartphones and tablets.

The viewer is free for the Onshape users and editing requires to buy a license from Graebert or soon from the Onshape App Store. Bob Miner further explains why it makes sense for Onshape users to use ARES Kudo for their DWG or DXF files:

ARES Kudo for Onshape offers an optimal workflow for the Onshape user dealing with DWG or DXF files. Viewing is free and is as simple as one click on the file inside their Onshape Documents. ARES Kudo for Onshape opens their DWG or DXF files without leaving the Onshape environment. ARES Kudo is the only full-cloud solution on the market offering a full set of features for DWG Editing. Besides the competitive pricing, the key benefit is the tight integration with Onshape. The files can be edited online with ARES Kudo but the data stays synchronized with the Onshape Documents where the DWG or DXF file is stored. The ARES Kudo hub is also able to synchronize with Onshape any modification done with ARES Commander (Graebert’s desktop version) or ARES Touch on mobile devices. It avoids duplicates or version conflicts and makes sure that the file in Onshape is always up-to-date.

This seamless workflow was achieved by a tight collaboration between Onshape and Graebert’s cloud technologies. It was for example essential to avoid that Onshape users could enjoy the free viewer without creating a login for ARES Kudo. To solve this challenge Graebert is collaborating with Amazon Web Services.

Robert Graebert, Chief Technical Officer of Graebert explains: “ARES Kudo for Onshape is a great example of the deep integration that cloud-based solutions can offer. We used the API of Onshape to connect ARES Kudo as one of the possible Cloud Storage services. To optimize the performance and user experience we pushed further the integration for the integrated viewer. We worked together with Amazon Web Services on the deployment of ARES Kudo for Onshape directly on Onshape’s servers which considerably improves the reactivity and offers Onshape a higher control. It is also avoiding that Onshape users need to authenticate again to view files. They just need to click on the file inside Onshape.”

Learn more about ARES Kudo for Onshape on https://kudoforonshape.graebert.com