Graebert neXt Online Event: Hottest news

Graebert gives a glimpse of the new features of ARES Commander 2022 to be released in mid-March 2021

Graebert GmbH held a 30-min exclusive online event by invitation only for its partners and guests. The online event served as a replacement for the Graebert’s Annual Meeting held in the past years in Berlin. The event summarized Graebert’s upcoming innovations and gave a glimpse of the new features of ARES 2022 releasing in spring 2021. The ARES 2022 official launch event open to the public is expected in spring 2021.

Wilfried Graebert, CEO at Graebert GmbH

The online event began with an introductory speech by Wilfried Graebert, founder and CEO of Graebert GmbH, who gave a brief overview of the beginning of the company which was founded in 1977, and how it has grown over the years, successfully growing the company by +31% employees even during in the midst of a global pandemic. Moreover, Mr.Graebert highlighted the successes of the company in Korea, Japan, and India, in addition to being the most common markets for the company.

Cédric Desbordes, Marketing Director of Graebert, announced that the beta of ARES Commander 2022 is now available to the public. The launch of ARES Commander 2022 will follow in spring 2021.

(Please note that the next version of ARES Commander will be version 2022. The current version is version 2020. Graebert is skipping one version number this year. This will however have no impact on our subscribers: if your subscription is not expired, you will be entitled to the new version, no matter what is the new version number of ARES Commander.)

The ARES Trinity is a trifold solution with a collaborative approach combining CAD software for desktop (ARES Commander for Windows, macOS, and Linux), mobile (ARES Touch for iOS and Android), and cloud (ARES Kudo runs in an Internet Browser). On top of being a full-featured cloud CAD software, ARES Kudo is also the cornerstone of the Trinity concept, empowering ARES Commander and ARES Touch with modern collaboration features.

Hot Topics of Graebert neXt Exclusive Online Event

The Graebert neXt exclusive included discussions on the following topics:

Cloud: ARES CAD Software enables easy collaboration for DWG drawings

The ARES CAD software can be connected to create or modify DWG files in sync with popular third-party cloud storage providers like Google Drive and Google Workplaces, Box and Box Enterprise, Microsoft OneDrive; OneDrive for Business; and SharePoint and Dropbox.

Moreover, large-scale enterprises can connect with cloud-based on-premise data solutions like Amazon Web services (AWS) infrastructure, Nextcloud, and WebDAV for a more private solution.

Additionally, Graebert also integrates its CAD software with top industry-specific cloud solutions for storage of DWG files such as PTC Onshape, Trimble Connect, and Hancom Space.

Ultimately, ARES CAD Software’s inbuilt Cloud Storage ARES Kudo Drive offers free online storage to users who are trying out the ARES CAD Software. It also includes ready-to-use sample drawings and users may also upload their own drawings. With ARES Kudo drive, users can experience the Cloud CAD Collaboration before incorporating third-party storage solutions.

BIM to CAD: DWG drawings automation from RVT or IFC

Robert Graebert, CTO at Graebert GmbH

ARES Commander 2022, allows you to import a BIM model in IFC or RVT formats (from Revit) to obtain data from it (alphanumeric data that can be extracted to internal tables or connected with programs such as Excel, for example) or to obtain related 2D drawings. Thus, with just a few clicks, a CAD user (who has never used a BIM program) will be able to obtain plans, sections, and elevations almost effortlessly. 

The BIM drawings in ARES Commander retain all the BIM information, they are not only sections of the BIM model but keep instead an associativity with the BIM model. When a new version of the BIM model becomes available, the geometry of the BIM drawings can be refreshed.

Sheet Sets and new printing experience for ARES CAD users

The Print dialog in ARES 2021 has been redesigned to increase space between fields and alignments which improves the readability of dialog.

Moreover, with the Sheet Set Manager, you can organize your work with sheets, keeping all drawings and sheets accessible at the same point and at the same time offers a flexible way to customize the structure making it able to support several kinds of projects and workflows. The built-in PDF printer offers a new button “PDF Options” inside the Print dialog, where users can, for sample, control the quality of vector and raster images that directly impact pdf size.

Download the “What’s new in ARES 2022” Document

Read in-depth about the upcoming and released features of ARES Commander 2022 below:

What Tech experts have to say about Graebert neXt:

‘…Graebert beat all other primary CAD vendors serving the Mac platform to market with a native version of their CAD software for Apple’s new Macs with the ARM-based M1 processor. This news is one of many exciting items delivered to press and conference attendees this week virtually as part of Graebert’s virtual conference.’

Anthony Frausto-Robledo,

‘Graebert now counts the three largest construction companies in Japan as customers. It is also finding success with large customer installations in India (India Institute of Architects) and Korea (LG, Samsung, Hancom).’

Randall Newton,

‘Graebert presented a whole range of innovations in BIM (Business Information Modeling) that make the system very interesting or keep it very interesting for the construction sector – the architecture sector has been an important Graebert customer for a long time. ARES positions itself as a solution for all platforms, especially at the interface between geometry and metadata.’ (Translated)

Ralf Steck,