How TATA vehicles replaced AutoCAD by ARES Commander

TATA International Vehicle is India’s leading manufacturer of manufactured trailers, TIP trailers, and custom applications goods, and they’re expanding towards exports. TATA began operations in 2005 with a single factory in Pune. Following that, they spread throughout India. Almost 34,500 trailers are now on the road and working efficiently. And continuously they are growing towards this market. And it is possible due to the value-engineered product after-sales, service and competitive price.

Why did TATA choose ARES Commander?

The DWG drawings they are producing with ARES Commander are essential to delivering projects on time. They had three criterion in mind when they chose ARES Commander. They desired:

  1. Perpetual licenses, at a competitive price
  2. An easy transition from AutoCAD
  3. Increasing productivity and innovation

‘No special training was required for users to instantly switch. Regarding productivity, ARES Commander is not making any compromises in features. I would say that we are now working 10% faster than before.’

Debulal Ghosh, Head of Operations and Purchase in TATA International DLT

Tools in ARES Commander

Some tools make work more productive by requiring only a single click to complete processes. TATA, for example, enjoys the following features:

As well as, they also use Voice Note to communicate with team members. The PDF Import feature is in particular saving a lot of time because they have many drawings that were previously saved in PDF. With ARES Commander they can convert back them to DWG without losing any data and can make further modifications as needed.

When they decided on ARES Commander, they also liked the idea to share drawings with others as a View-only link. So far they are rather exporting to PDF. Now Graebert is offering free online storage with the ARES Kudo Drive. So it makes it even easier to create a View-only link. It is simple to use but also reinforces the protection when they needed to share a file with someone external because the link can be time-limited or disabled at any time.

ARES Commander, the best choice for TATA

Another advantage of the Graebert software is its commercial terminology, as well as their:

  • Perpetual license which is great in today’s age.
  • The upgrade policy
  • Long term rate contract
  • Good price protection

TATA thinks that in today’s world, customers need competitive solutions. Hence, they’ve teamed up with Graebert. TATA is pleased to have switched from AutoCAD to ARES CAD Software and is looking forward to expanding its relationship with Graebert.

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