Graebert Announces Updates to ARES Native DWG CAD Product Line

ARES Commander 2020 can now allow access to BIM model data via Industry Foundation Classes (.ifc) and Revit (.rvt) and (.rfa) file formats. Once BIM models are loaded into ARES Commander 2020 you can view the model in 3D in the graphics area and also create sections through the model. You can also extra data from BIM elements like beams and columns through new filters for data extraction. (…)

(…) Citing reputable industry sources, the Berlin-based CAD company appears well-positioned to address the migration to SaaS software solutions in the CAD-based industries. SaaS companies are growing three times faster than non-SaaS software companies, according to the Subscription Economy Index (Zuora, October 2019).

The CLOUDify Pack for ARES Commander OEM enables developers to add the agility of the cloud to their one premise solutions powered by ARES Commander. In a similar and parallel effort, Graebert also announced the availability of the BIMflow Pack for ARES Commander OEM.