Onshape Drawings Powered by ARES Kudo Praised by Engineers


Onshape is the first OEM partner of Graebert leveraging from the ARES Kudo full browser-based CAD platform in Onshape Drawings. First released in July 2016, Onshape Drawings is fully integrated into Onshape and taking care of the 2D technical drawings of this popular and cloud-based 3D solution.

In a recent article from Onshape’s blog, the engineers from Loxta Hardware in the UK share their experience with Onshape and Onshape Drawings:

Singh credits significant enhancements to Onshape Drawings for convincing him to make the full transition to full-cloud CAD. “To be honest, it’s difficult to say exactly the single feature, but it’s just more of the fact that there are more tools now available, even down to adding data points, adding notes, adding references, adding virtual edges,” he says. “It wasn’t just one thing. It was like Onshape evolved to a point where it feels – and it is – engineering ready.”