OnlineMaps for DraftSight


OnlineMaps for DraftSight requires DraftSight R1.3 or higher (Windows only).
If this plugin stops working after an upgrade of DraftSight, you can download from this page the most recent setups.

NB: In DraftSight 2016 the new ribbon interface moved the OnlineMaps feature to a menu located close to the help in the top-right corner of DraftSight. You may also call the feature by entering ONLINEMAPS in the command line.

Integrate maps into your drawings

OnlineMaps for DraftSight lets you browse and insert maps into drawings
once you have registered your copy.

The software is powered by ArcGIS Online from Esri.
For more information on ArcGIS Online visit

Haven’t yet installed DraftSight? – Go ahead: It’s free!

If you haven’t yet downloaded and installed DraftSight, the free 2D CAD software
from Dassault Systèmes SolidWorks, you can download the software here:

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