SiteMaster – Overview

Maximize your efficiency and minimize the time on-site surveying any building. Trust Graebert iSurvey, a leader in the building surveying industry, to provide the software and services to meet your unique needs:
Professional building surveying services with sophisticated data collection capabilities
Fast and accurate 2D and 3D digital floor plans
Complete line of SiteMaster™ “as-build” building surveying software with mobile deployment, object modelling,
3D building measurement and fully compatible 3D BIM/ICC building models
360-degree photography services for real estate portfolio management and marketing
Google Business Photos trusted photographer
Creation of energy performance certificates
and much more!

The next generation of SiteMaster software integrates 3D viewing of floor plans and connects IFC data to your drawings allowing the creation of BIM models while surveying:
2D solution for capturing building information onsite with the enhancement of 3D viewing. It utilizes modern Bluetooth Laser Distancemeters to create as-build floor plans easily in an object-orientated software environment, allowing the user to model and manipulate smart objects representing walls, windows, doors and more.
SiteMaster BIM
More enhanced full 3D, IFC-enabled and object-oriented version of SiteMaster. The software enables the quick creation of BIM models and provides data to import directly into modern 3D architectural modeling packages.
True for all our solutions: The mobility and flexibility with on-site surveying grants fast and accurate working. The solutions – optimized for all platforms running on Windows, Windows CE and Android – are especially designed for mobile devices with limited processing power.

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