OEM Platforms – Embedded Solutions

Create an embedded OEM solution using advanced technology from Graebert

An agricultural equipment manufacturer built CAD supported maps with GPS functions into their hardware to enable excavators to dig trenches. Another company integrated a CAD plan directly into their measuring devices. The results of statistical calculations were used by a company to automate construction projects. All of this and more is possible when you use ARES® Commander from Graebert to create your embedded OEM solution. Create a competitive solution by using CAD technology that supports Windows®, Mac®, or Linux operating systems and/or mobile Android devices with the latest CAD standards including DWG.

The following features are part of ARES Commander and are included in our OEM solutions:

DWG compatibility, reverse compatibility through AutoCAD® 12
Support for DXF
Fully customizable user interface
ACIS® 3D Modeler (as an extra module)
Includes application programming interfaces (APIs) and programming tools as function libraries for individual development including LISP, Visual Studio for Applications, C+, C/C++, Com, .Net, Active X, Delphi, DRX and many others

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