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Get the most out of your CAD budget by converting your existing CAD platform to DraftSight

DraftSight is the professional-grade 2D CAD software that lets professional CAD users, students and educators create, edit and view DWG files (learn more at With more than 3 million active users, DraftSight is the second and fastest growing CAD community in the industry today.

The Graebert team knows DraftSight inside and out because we led and managed the development of this popular product. We’ve created a program to convert your existing 2D CAD structure to a DraftSight environment. Starting from $199 for a DraftSight Professional Version license, converting to DraftSight can save you thousands of dollars, freeing up your CAD budget for the purchase of other tools that can help you transform your business, design better products and get them to market faster.

The conversion process is easy:
We analyze your 2D environment, including the special functions that are commonly used by your team
Alternatively, we can accept documentation detailing your specifications
Based on this information, we will determine which plugins need to be programmed
You’ll receive an estimate with costs and a projected timeline
Throughout the project, we will share industry best-practices to help you optimize your workflow
Graebert will manage the technical implementation of the new software environment
Your team will be trained by Graebert’s experts so they are 100% familiar with the new platform
As expert Project Managers, completing the project on time and within budget is our top priority
We are available to conduct additional training after the project is completed, if needed

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