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Frequently Asked Questions:

Minimum technical requirements

Smartphone or tablet with Android 4.2 or higher or iOS 9.0 or higher

Additional requirements for Android devices:

1GB of RAM or more recommended
ARM processor (Intel processor not supported yet) – Don’t worry, the Google Play store will detect that from your device

Is ARES Touch free? How to buy?

When you install ARES Touch you can activate a free 30 days trial. When the trial expires you can continue using ARES Touch for free with limited features. To keep using the premium features of ARES Touch after the trial expires you will need a valid subscription. The subscription of ARES Touch is included in the price of ARES Commander. You get one year of ARES Touch when you buy any license or upgrade of ARES Commander and can renew for successive periods.

I have a license of ARES Commander, how to activate ARES Touch?

When you activated ARES Commander on your computer you created a Graebert account. You can use the same Graebert account to log in and activate ARES Touch.

Please note however that ARES Touch’s subscription is linked to the subscription of ARES Commander. If you purchased an Annual Plan the subscription is valid until your license expires. If you purchased a Perpetual license the subscription has to be renewed after one year. If your subscription has expired the activation of ARES Touch will not be authorized but you can still activate a free 30 days trial.

Can I buy ARES Touch without ARES Commander?

The two products are bundled. When you buy one you get the other as a bonus. If your interest is mainly focused on our mobile version ARES Touch and see less interest to get ARES Commander for your computers, just consider the Annual Plan of ARES Commander. You will get one year of ARES Touch and ARES Commander will just come as a bonus. If you don’t have a computer, it is not required to install ARES Commander to be able to activate ARES Touch.

What are the main differences between the free version and the full one?

In ARES Touch you can switch between three user modes: Full mode (all the features), Simple mode (limited features with some annotation tools), View-only (no application toolbar to see your drawing full-screen). When the free trial expires or when your subscription expires you can keep using the features available in the Simple or View-only modes but will lose the premium features only available in the Full mode.
The Simple mode, and therefore the free version of ARES Touch, is enough to read DWG drawings and add some dimensions or texts. You may even save and share files. The premium features only available in the Full mode include all the drawing and editing features + some of the advanced annotation tools such as Picture Note and Voice Note. More details can be found on the Apple App Store or Google Play store.

What happens when my subscription expires?

When you buy ARES Commander you get also a one year subscription including ARES Touch but also other services such as hotline and upgrades. Before your subscription expires you will receive a reminder. You will not be charged automatically and are free to decide.

If you don’t renew your subscription, you will lose the premium features of ARES Touch’s Full mode. You will be able to use the features of the Simple and View-only mode for free. If you want to bring the Full mode features back you can always buy an ARES upgrade to get another one year of ARES Touch.

How many devices can I activate with the same account?

The short answer is “as many as you wish”. To be more precise you need to log in with your Graebert Account but it is strictly forbidden to share it with other users. The same user with the same Graebert account may have several mobile devices at no additional cost. You just need to log in with your Graebert account. If you share your Graebert account with a friend we will detect it and consider it as an infringement to your license.

How to share files between my computer and ARES Touch?

You can connect ARES Touch to cloud storages such as Dropbox, Box, iCloud or Google Drive. This will create a new folder in your Cloud storage. The DWG files need to be placed in this sub-folder to be synchronized with ARES Touch. This procedure avoids that you synchronize potentially hundreds of drawings if we would synchronize all your DWG files from your cloud storages. If you install the desktop client of your cloud storages on your computer it will be easy to move files. You may also install their mobile apps so you can move files to the folder of ARES Touch on the go.
If you don’t want to use the cloud you may also share DWG files by email. Alternatively you can connect your mobile device to your computer via a cable and move files to the “Drawings” sub-folder of ARES Touch.

How to get started?

ARES Touch was designed to keep the learning curve very short. The commands work like on the desktop but with a user interface optimized for touch. You can learn most of the differences in a few minutes by watching our tutorial videos:

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ARES Touch is a full-featured CAD solution for iOS® and Android® tablets or smartphones