Graebert Unveils CAD SaaS Road Map, New BIM Features

‘Graebert, the second-largest CAD vendor by seat count, has released new tools for building information modeling (BIM) and a multiyear road map aimed at building a DWG-based CAD platform for BIM documentation.(…)

Graebert started its analysis of the BIM market with a survey of existing users and industry experts. One key finding was that companies adopting BIM software keep “massively” producing DWG drawings to document their projects. Reasons for this were varied: Some said only drawings could provide the level of detail needed on the construction site. Others cited a reluctance to share BIM data outside the firewall. Others said BIM models are more difficult to use in assessing liability and responsibility than highly detailed 2D drawings. “For that reason, there are three to ten CAD users behind each BIM user in these organizations,” says Graebert in a press release.

Graebert says its survey also revealed that many BIM users noticed a “significant decrease in quality” for drawings extracted from BIM models. As a result, these organizations say they face the problem of having two groups working on designs that cannot properly work together. ‘