ARES available for sale in the US from AERTWORKS

Robert Green talks about ARES Trinity of CAD Software USA Resale

ARES Trinity of 2D/3D CAD software for desktop, mobile, and cloud from Graebert GmbH is now available for sale in the US from AERTWORKS, a provider of design and innovation management solutions. The ARES Trinity is a threefold solution with a symbiotic approach combining CAD software for desktop CAD (ARES Commander for Windows, macOS, and Linux), mobile CAD (ARES Touch for iOS and Android), and cloud CAD (ARES Kudo runs in an Internet browser). Britt Jonnaert, General Manager of AERTWORKS shared, “We’re excited about this collaboration with Graebert. With its innovative Trinity concept, Graebert leads the transition to the next generation of integrated .DWG CAD.”

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