What’s New? DWG 2018 File Format Support



A pre-release version of ARES Commander 2018 can be downloaded here. It includes the following new commands and features:



DWG 2018 File Format support: Release 2018 can read DWG files up to the latest version of this format (R2018) and can write such files up to the next to the latest version (R2013). The same applies to DXF (Drawing eXchange Format) files, which store the drawing database contents unencrypted.



Some More New Commands and Features:


Creates 2D spirals and 3D helixes.

Block commands

Contains more tools for Blocks and BlockAttributes

RedefineBasePoint. Sets new base points for Blocks.


BlockAttributeManager. Manages properties and settings of BlockAttributes Block definitions.

MultiLeader commands.

Uses advanced leader creation and editing.

MultiLeader. Creates MultiLeaders based on MultiLeaderStyles.

EditMultiLeader. Adds and removes leader lines for MultiLeaders.

MultiLeaderStyle. Creates and manages MultiLeaderStyles.


Exports tables in a comma separated format (CSV) to import them into spreadsheet or database software.

Formulas in table cells

Lets you use formulas in cells with arithmetic operators and the Sum, Average, and Count functions.


Switches between the dark and light color theme for user interface elements.


Moving entities incrementally

Moves selected entities according to a specified increment when you use the Shift + Arrow keys.


Copy entities to the active layer

Copies selected entities to the active layer instead of the source layer while using the Copy command.

Paste content from clipboard to the active layer

Copies content from the clipboard to the active layer instead to the source layer while using the Paste command.

Dynamic Custom Coordinate System

Temporarily aligns the XY plane of the Custom Coordinate System (CSS) with a face on a 3D solid object when you create 2D or 3D entities.

You can switch the Dynamic CCS feature on and off by pressing F6.

Extended 3D solid editing using EntityGrips and the Properties palette

Provides more EntityGrips to modify 3D solid objects. The Properties palette provides more parameters to manipulate 3D solid objects.


New System Variables:

  • CMLEADERSTYLE. Sets the current MultiLeaderStyle for new MultiLeader entities.
  • MLEADERSCALE. Sets a general scale factor applied to MultiLeader entities.
  • UCSDETECT. Controls whether the custom coordinate system aligns dynamically to 3D solid objects.
  • COLORTHEME. Sets the Dark or the Light color theme for the user interface elements.

To learn more about the commands and options offered by ARES Commander, do not hesitate to visit the extensive help offered by the program or our many other tutorial videos.

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